Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Greenpeace replies to our Blogathon efforts

When the blog was set up, I contacted Greenpeace, to let them know what we're doing, and they've kindly responded in a very supportive way. This was their reply to me:

Just a quick note to say THANKS this is a great idea and I'm running it
past a few folks here to see how we might help and spread the word.
get you a dedicated link to our donation pages so we can track
results, and I
think I can safely say we'd be happy to do some guest
blogging -- including from
Japan where we'll be marking the 60th anniversary
of the bombing of Hiroshima on
the 6th.

I'll be back to you
with more specifics, but hey, thanks again.

Since I received that message I have since had another message to give a firm commitment by a Dutch Greenpeace campaigner who will be in Hiroshima with a group of school children to do some blogging for us. It sounds like she will be able to give some very interesting accounts.


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