Saturday, August 06, 2005

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Environmentalism in our Daily Lives

There are many ways the environmental movement has impacted and changed the way we live in California:

- In California the gas hoses at the gas station are required to have a vent that sucks the gas fumes back into the pump to minimize the fumes entering the environment.

- At the grocery store we are asked whether we want a "paper or plastic" bag. Some stores offer a 5 cent credit if you bring your own bag.

- Recycling aluminum cans, glass bottles and cardboard have become a way of life for all Californians.

-It is common for homeowners to install low-flow toilets and showers to conserve water in this semi-arid part of the country.

-More and more people have switched to flourescent lightbulbs to save energy and lower their electricity bills.

- Hybrid cars are becoming the rage as well as an environmental statement.
-local communities are fighting the encroachment of big box stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot because of environmental issues around increased traffic and other quality of life issues.

Can you think of ways the environmental movement has impacted and changed your daily life?

Greenpeace is an important part of the worldwide environmental movement. Please join us in supporting their efforts.


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