Sunday, August 07, 2005

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Greenpeace reveals Monsanto application for pig patent

As you are probably aware, Greenpeace is in the news a lot, on various issues which they campaign on.

This article, from Harold Doan and Associates takes a look at a patent application by Monsanto covering pig breeding:

"If this patent gets granted, Monsanto could control the normal breeding of pigs to a large extent, without any real invention behind it. The experience farmers have with this company so far let them expect a further shocking exercise of squeezing royalties and suing farmers on global scale," warned Gall. "This patent application is so absurd we wonder what Monsanto will come up with next?"


Do you want to allow these sorts of things to happen without being exposed by Greenpeace, and other similar groups? If you don't, then please help us to help Greenpeace today.


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