Friday, August 05, 2005

Register today, and pledge your support for our Blogathon efforts.

Introduction and how to sponsor the "Blogging For Greenpeace" team

Hello all,

just a brief (well, it might not be so brief by the time i've finished) introduction for you.

Firstly, for those who have, until now wondered what on earth a blog is, this is a blog. As you can see it has entries stamped with the date and time.

The Blogathon is an annual event where bloggers of all shapes and colours agree to post to their blogs at least every 30 minutes for the duration of the 24 hour event for the charity of their choice.

This year, the Blogathon begins on Saturday the 6th August at 9 AM Eastern Daylight Time in the US, 2 PM British Summer Time in the UK, 3 PM Central European Time, or if you're visiting from Japan, 10 PM.

We've agreed to support Greenpeace for Blogathon 2005, as they do some very good work to raise awareness of GM crops and foods, pollution, coastal erosion, the continuing nuclear threat and more. You can find out more about what Greenpeace does by clicking here.

Leading up to and during the Blogathon, there'll be entries here from Dear Kitty, Sangroncito, myself and Rianne.

Rianne is a Dutch Greenpeace campaigner, who will be in Hiroshima with a group of school children to mark the 60th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb there, and has kindly agreed to do some guest blogging for us.

If you'd like to sponsor us, and help us to raise some money for Greenpeace, it's quite easy to do so. Firstly, please click on "Register Today" which you can find at the top of each post, (right click and open in a new window, if you'd like to continue to read this introduction) then, please fill out the boxes on that page, once you've submitted the information you can then log in with the username and password you registered at the Blogathon site with.

Registering at the site means that when the Blogathon event is finished, all sponsors will receive an email reminding them about their pledge, and asking them to forward their donation to Greenpeace. There is a link on the sidebar for you to make your donation online once the Blogathon is complete.

Once you're logged in, to be able to sponsor us you need our participation page; this is where you can see details of the Blog's name, the blog's chosen charity, and a list of sponsors so far. You can reach our participation page quite easily by clicking on "pledge your support for our Blogathon efforts" which is at the top of each entry here.

If you're logged in when you've reached that page, and you haven't already made a pledge to sponsor us, you'll see a box with the amount you'd like to pledge. The minimum amount you can pledge is $1 (All pledges made are in US$, however, there is a useful link to a currency converter at the bottom of each post). Please enter the amount you'd like to sponsor us for, then decide whether you'd like to be anonymous or have your name listed as one of the sponsors, and click submit. When you've done that, you've pledged to sponsor us, thank you.

I hope this explains in a little more detail, than the previous introduction did, a little bit more about the event, and how you can give your support.

If you make a minimum pledge of $5 at the Blogathon website, and would like a link to your site or blog to appear at the top of the "A Logical Voice" blog, then please leave a message in the comments section here, to let us know, please remember to include your name (so it can be checked with the pledges made), along with your site/blog's name, and the address of the site/blog.

As an additional treat for visitors to "Blogging For Greenpeace", i've donated a few watercolour paintings and prints for our Blogathon efforts to try and raise a bit of extra money for Greenpeace. If you'd like one of the paintings or prints featured, then please follow the instructions in the individual entries for each piece.
Please click on any of the following to view the pieces:

Item 1 - "Mevagissey", Item 2 - "Whitby", Item 3 - "Tollbooth", Item 4 - "Lakes Houses", Item 5 - "Poinsettias" and Item 6 - "The Junction"

If you have any questions or comments, please do leave a comment, or email me -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic way to raise money ;) good luck with it - with love from the Esperanza, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Greenpeace blogger


Monday, July 25, 2005 7:20:00 pm  
Blogger Truth Seeker said...

Thanks for your encouragement Lisa, please feel free to drop by anytime during the 24 hour Blogathon, i'm sure we could do with some encouragement over the 24 hours.

All the best,

Monday, July 25, 2005 8:04:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey if that´s the best way I can help sign me in, go for it

Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:56:00 am  
Blogger Truth Seeker said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous, however, you'll neeed to sign up to sponsor us yourself, or, you can email me with the following information, which is needed by the Blogathon organisers in order to send out an email to ask people to forward their pledges directly to Greenpeace:

-A desired username to register at the site with
-Your email address
-Your name (Please also state whether you wish your pledge to be anonymous)
-A password which can be made up for the site. By the way, once a pledge has been made the amount cannot be altered
-Finally, the amount you wish to pledge.

If you'd like me to register on your behalf, then please forward those details to

All the best

Thursday, July 28, 2005 12:07:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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