Friday, August 05, 2005

Register today, and pledge your support for our Blogathon efforts.

Item 1 - Paintings For Pledges

Leading up to, and during our 24 hour Blogathon efforts, I'll be offering some original watercolour paintings and prints, in return for your pledges to support us.

Although I don't claim them to be masterpieces, several people have said in the past that they like them, and I have seen a couple hanging in people's houses (Perhaps they hang them up when they know i'm going around to their house :) )

Anyway, let's start with this first offering, this is a small part of a watercolour painting of Mevagissey harbour, in Cornwall. (England).

If you'd like the full version of this piece, then all i'm asking for you to do is to sign up here, then indicate a minimum pledge of $8 (About £5) at this page once you've registered at the site.

When you've done that, if you'd like this watercolour painting, please send me an email - to let me know that you've made a pledge for this piece, quoting "Item 1 - Mevagissey" and the name you've registered, and made a pledge under. I'll then confirm the postal address with you that you'd like me to send the piece to.

No money is handled by myself, or indeed the Blogathon team, when the event is over, you'll receive an email asking you to forward the amount you've pledged to donate directly to Greenpeace.

(Sorry, I couldn't fit it all in on the scanner, but you can get a general idea of the style of the piece)


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