Saturday, August 06, 2005

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Living Green

I'm thinking of the ways we "live green" in our household. We recycle our cans, glass, and paper products. We separate our organic waste in the kitchen so that it may be used as compost in our garden. I personally don't own a car. My housemates do, but they use public transportation to get to work everyday. My friend and owner of our building installed solar panels on the roof so that over time we save energy. We have a small but beautiful urban garden in our backyard that attracts birds, bees and butterflies because every bit of green helps.

I know there are other ways where our household needs to improve in order to "live green". We need to learn to buy produce and food that are grown locally and don't require long-haul transportation to reach their destination. We can buy more organic foods to support the use of natural farming without harmful pesticides. We can plant plants that are native to the California climate that don't require large amounts of precious water to maintain.

Do you think about ways of "living green" in your household? Greenpeace's website at has helpful tips on ways you can support the environment in your daily life.

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