Sunday, August 07, 2005

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Make trade fair and sustainable

Another issue Greenpeace campaigns on, which we've not really touched on yet is sustainable trade.

Something that is key however, to enabling fair and sustainable trade is the removal of large corporations from the political processes involved in the World Trade Organisation.

There are many developing nations for example who are members of the WTO, however, they very often aren't invited to important meetings which are by invitation only.

So, the WTO agenda is basically dominated by western, industrialised nations. Large corporations put pressure both on the US and the EU to maintain subsidies on products. In the US the subsidies concerned are on vital medicines, while in the EU, corporations lobby hard for maintaining subsidies on agricultural products and services.

Greenpeace argues for an end to this unfair, and unjust system, do you agree with Greenpeace? If you do then please, make a pledge to support us now. Also, this page at the Greenpeace website gives some ideas for actions everyone can take on this issue.


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