Sunday, August 07, 2005

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The marathon continues

Thanks for all your work Sangroncito, it's appreciated. Ok, well as you can see, i'm back, i'm filled to the brim with cafeine, and i'm raring to go again.

It's 7 AM in the UK, 8 AM CET on Sunday 7th August 2005, and we're 17 hours into Blogathon 2005.

So far we've managed to raise US$249 (about £145) for Greenpeace which is great. Thanks to all our sponsors so far. You can find a list of them by clicking here. You can also make a pledge to sponsor us through that page. If you're wondering why you should sponsor us, then click here for all the posts made during the past 17 hours, and you should find a whole range of reasons. I will be posting even more shortly.

So, just about 7 hours to go now, more cafeine needed I think :)


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