Sunday, August 07, 2005

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Declassified images from Hiroshima

From Democracy Now!:

ERIK BARNOUW: Akira Iwasaki writes, “In the middle of the shooting, one of my cameramen was arrested in Nagasaki by American military police. I was summoned to general headquarters and told to discontinue the shooting. However,” he says, he made arguments wherever he could. “Then,” he says, “came the group of the strategic bombing survey from Washington, and they wanted a film on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; therefore, the U.S. Army wanted to use my film and changed its mind. Now they allowed or rather ordered me to continue and complete the film.”

When this compilation had reached a length of approximately two hours and 40 minutes, the saga entered a new stage. Suddenly, all of the material, negative, master positive, boot prints and paper records relating to it, were all suddenly taken over by the American military, shipped off to Washington and declared secret, and all of this material disappeared from view for almost a quarter of a century. Very few people in government and almost nobody in the film industry was aware of -- was even aware of its existence.

View an excerpt of the now declassied film with Real Player.


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Welcome back djeb. Interesting link, think i'll add that to favourites.

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Interesting link.

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